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We made Flo to bring people together. Our free app syncs up nearby phones and creates a social playlist, or 'Flo,' that anyone can add songs to. Now integrated with SoundCloud and Spotify, but stay tuned—we’re always adding more.

Dock It Like It's Hot

Connect your phone to a speaker and listen to your flo. Add songs, turn up. Repeat.

...or Let It Flo

No speakers? No problem. Flo can play music simultaneously through all synced phones.

Flo So Lava

There’s quite a lot going on behind the scenes to make Flo as smooth as possible. We’ll introduce you to a few of these features below.

Streaming Services

It’s easy to add songs to your flo, and with Spotify and SoundCloud integration, you’ve got a whole world of music to choose from.

Location Agnostic

Flo works with or without WiFi, so whether you’re on a road trip, at the office or on a boat, the music doesn’t stop. Need to step out? Flo will temporarily save your songs.

Host Controls

Everyone can add songs to a flo, but only the creator can skip, pause the flo, and approve who joins. This is the flo’s “host."

Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flo work offline?

Sure does, but Flo works best when everyone’s connected to WiFi. If there is no WiFi, the app will create a hotspot, so the party never stops.

How many devices can be in the Flo?

You can sync up as many phones as you like, just keep in mind the more phones on the network, the less stable it gets. We’ve found 10 phones is pretty optimal—and loud as all get out.

When are you going to add x feature?

Got a feature idea? Awesome! We work on updating and improving Flo everyday, so if you’re hot on a new feature, or platform, let us know in the Contact Us form. (Although, we may or may not already be working on it.) If you don’t know, now you know.

Contact Us

Got a question, comment, or feature suggestion? Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you on the quick.